Importing an existing Visual Studio project



If you have already initiated a project in Visual Studio or if you want to use a specific project template, you can model your existing project file (.csproj) in Objecteering using the import feature.



Importing an existing project

To import an existing project, simply select the package that will represent the root of your project (1) in the explorer, and then click on the  icon in the auxiliary window (2).



Importing an existing project into Objecteering


An import window then opens in which you can select the project file (.csproj) that you wish to model (as shown below).


Warning: You cannot choose a project file outside your "$(GenRoot)" generation directory!


Window for importing a Visual Studio project


Once you have confirmed the import (using the "Open" button), a new model element represented by the , the  or the  icon (corresponding respectively to the "Console Application", "Class Library" and "Windows Application" output types) is created (3) and linked to the previously selected package. The name of this project element is by default the name of the file selected in the import window.