Introducing Objecteering XMI



Welcome to the Objecteering XMI user guide!


Objecteering XMI lets you exchange UML2 models between tools that support the import/export of XMI files. The supported format is XMI EMF-Uml2 v2.0.0.


Objecteering XMI provides two commands:

·         Import

·         Export


You can configure these commands through dedicated Objecteering XMI parameters.



Model consistency

Objecteering permanently guarantees the consistency of models built in Objecteering, meaning that models exported from Objecteering will be consistent with the UML2 norm.


However, if the models you import do not fully satisfy Objecteering's consistency checks, any problems detected will be displayed by the Objecteering audit.  If a block error is detected, the import will be aborted.




The current version of Objecteering XMI does not provide coverage of the entire UML2 standard.  For more information, please see "Coverage of UML2".